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Celtics Have A Lot Of Work To Do



The Boston Celtics play Game 5 tonight against the New York Knicks. This is a big test for the Celtics to try to dig themselves out of the 3-1 hole they have put themselves into. Not many people in Boston believed that the Knicks were the real deal, and despite the Celtics struggles this season, many thought they would still be able to knock off the Knicks. This series has shown that the Celtics are in a lot more trouble than thought. Though the series is not over, there is little chance the Celtics come back from this series. Once the series is over, it will be an end to a disappointing season, and possibly (hopefully) the end of an era in Celtics Basketball.

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce may not be back in Celtics uniforms next season. Pierce may have the best trade value, and though Boston might not get the value that they may have been able to get a few years back, they can still add pieces that will either help them build for the future, or be players that they can use in a trade for another star player. Kevin Garnett is an interesting player going into this offseason. There is no question what he brings to the Celtics on an emotional level, but he is just too old to be the impact player that he has been in the past. If he was willing to take a role off the bench, he could be a valuable player for the Celtics and a great mentor for a player like Jared Sullinger. Garnett may not have much trade value, but if there is a deal out there that will help the Celtics get pieces to make another trade, or for an impact player, they need to make that move.

I know the series is not over and I should not already be talking about what the Celtics can do in the offseason, but the way the season has gone, the way the series is going, it is only a matter of time before they need to do something to make a big change, because this era of Celtics has been over for a few years now and ownership has kind of let it drag on in hopes of another run into the playoffs. It is time to decide if Rajon Rondo is the player to build around. If not, it is time to trade off pieces, sign free agents, or draft well because the future as of now does not look very bright for the Celtics.

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