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Celtics Still Alive

With everyone including myself writing the Celtics off going into game 5 in New York, the Celtics proved us all wrong and kept the series alive with a 92-86 win. With a good win, the Celtics have quiet some of their doubters. Though in my opinion they are just delaying the inevitable. They are in a good position though with game 6 being in Boston and the Knicks struggles in game 7’s. If the Celtics can step up and get through game 6, anything can happen in game 7.

Overshadowing the Celtics win is the events that happened after the game ended with Jordan Crawford exchanging words with Carmelo Anthony and Raymond Felton. I have seen the video of what Crawford said. As much as I love the emotion in the game, there is no place for a guy who played ZERO minutes running his mouth against Carmelo. If anyone should be talking like that it is the old man Kevin Garnett who came to play with 16 points and 18 rebounds. The Celtics are going to need Garnett to play big like that if they want a chance to win this series.

Though this game was a true team effort. All players stepped up at different times in the game and everyone contributed to the win. With no Celtics breaking 20 points, they had 5 players with 16 or more points. Jeff green had the team high with 18. The Celtics defense also did a great job of shutting down the Knicks isolation offense. The rest of the NBA runs the isolation about 10% of offensive plays in the playoffs, the Knicks run them 27% of offensive plays. This is no surprise considering Carmelo Anthony has always played this way. The Celtics really focused on taking away the isolation and ended up disrupting the Knicks which led to them keeping the lead for most of the game. Keeping a lead has been a problem for the Celtics in this series.

This series is not over, and at no way does this change anyones view on this team. They are old and need to start rebuilding for the future. But if the veterans can step up and play like they have in the past, they could definitely steal a series or two. At the end of the day, the East goes through the Miami Heat, and the Celtics do not have a chance against the reigning champs. With that said, the Celtics are a team who has been there, and the Knicks are a team who could fall apart. This could be a great series if the Celtics continue to play like they did last night.

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