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Buchholz Controversy

I feel like every time a pitcher starts the season historically good, someone always accuses of them doctoring the baseball. This is what is going on now after Clay Buchholz last start in Toronto. We are now talking about this for a second straight day considering Buchholz pitched on Wednesday. All the controversy is around Buchholz touching the top of his wrist multiple times during the game. Mixed with the way Clay has been pitching this year, and the way he dominated the Blue Jays Wednesday, it is no surprise to me that someone like Jack Morris would accuse Buchholz of doctoring the ball.

I have a few things wrong with this whole situation. First, it feels to me that every year when a pitcher starts off hot, and is dominating to begin the season, someone always brings up the possibility of doctoring the ball. I feel we heard this when Beckett started out 7-0 in 2007, Ubaldo Jimenez in 2010 when he had his best year and had an amazing start to the season, and even Justin Verlander. The night after the first accusation came out against the Buchholz, Dennis Eckersley expressed his displeasure with them during the post game show, as well as the next day on the pre-game show. Thursday night, Junichi Tazawa came into the game and did the same thing in touching his forearm in between pitches. When the announcers saw this, one being Jack Morris, they brought up the doctoring pitches subject again, and Morris took a shot at Eckersley saying he faced the Oakland pitchers in the past, and implied they all doctored the ball.

All of this is comical to me considering the Toronto Blue Jays were caught a few years ago for stealing signs which is allegedly ┬áthe reason Jose Bautista had a career year when he hit 54 home runs. For a team who is in the top ten for payroll and is in last place in the division with a 10-19 record, maybe they should be focused on winning some games instead of accusing other teams for cheating. They were caught for cheating once already, now they are going to point the fingers. Though the players were not the ones complaining, the announcers and former players were. This makes the whole situation a bigger joke. I guess we will see how it all turns out in the end. If Buchholz goes out in his next start and does not touch his arm, but gets rocked, then there will be a bigger deal surrounding this than there is right now. I think Buchholz is just finally coming into his own, he will not keep this pace up all year, but he has shown flashes of brilliance in the past but has been plagued with injuries. At the same time, it would not surprise me if he was up to something, but I don’t think that would any different than any pitcher in the league. All players are always looking to get some kind of edge on the competition, and only when a player is dominating is when he starts to become a target for accusations.

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