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David Ortiz Upset About Suggested PED Use

Really David Ortiz? You are really upset about people suggesting that you might be back on something. I do not plan on spending a lot of time on this, but I wanted to touch upon this subject. David Ortiz has been flat out killing the ball since coming off the DL. There are a lot of reasons why people think that he might be back on something, and I believe that these are all justified. Why aren’t people allowed to question a certain player, especially one like David Ortiz who has been guilty of this in the past.

Lets go down the list here. Ortiz is at least 37, he came into the league during the steroid era, he is on the 2003 list of players that tested positive for PEDs, and he has said that he’s trained in the past with Angel Presinal as well as saying all the Dominican players do during the offseason. Presinal was Alex Rodriguez trainer when Rodriguez admitted to have used in the past. He has also been linked to other former and present Major League players who either tested positive or have been accused of using banned substances. Ortiz is guilty in the past, regardless if he claims it was a mix of legal things at the time that caused the positive test. The league that Ortiz broke into back in the 90s, was dirty. The players of the league were dirty, maybe not all of them, but most of them. I have no problem with this, it was the era of baseball at the time, its part of the history of the game and it is something that makes sports interesting. If everyone played by the rules all the time, where would anyone in the media get material to write stories.

With the recent history of baseball, and with players who have been linked or even tested positive, I believe it is more than fair to question Ortiz. When a 37 year old DH, who is coming off injury and did not play in spring training, is killing the ball and hitting over .400, people get suspicious. Especially because this guy had a couple seasons in 2009 and 2010 where he struggled and people thought his career was over. Then he comes back strong and hitting the ball like he is in his prime again and obviously people are going to question. Also, who takes more than 9 months to rehab a strained achilles? I understand at his age his body does not heal as quick, but in my opinion, players who used in the past, struggle with more injury problems when they get older. Alex Rodriguez is the perfect example. His injuries might be the reason his career is close to over. With that said, he is still owed over $100 million dollars, Ortiz has his $26 million over the next two years, so what do these players really have to lose at this point in their career. If they can use again, put up good numbers, they continue to be stars and in the limelight. If they get caught and suspended, they still have millions of dollars guaranteed coming to them.

I just think David Ortiz should expect these accusations and just politely deny it and go on playing his game. The fact that he makes a big spectacle of it, comes out in the media and doing interviews saying how upset he is, makes me think he is more guilty. Just play the game and move on, but do not get upset if people are accusing you since it is documented that you are guilty in the past.

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