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Canadiens Done, Bruins Try To End Toronto’s Season

Its a big night in Boston tonight as the Bruins have a chance to end Toronto’s season tonight at home. I did not write about game 4, but for those who watched, it was nerve racking. I love overtime hockey in the playoffs, but I also hate it. I was on the edge of the couch the whole time watching Tuukka Rask stand on his head and give the Bruins a chance to win the game. How about Dion Phaneuf too? I counted at least 3 times, including the play that ended the game, going way out of position to make a big hit. The Bruins turned all of those dumb plays by him into scoring chances and the game winning goal. Also the look that James Reimer’s wife gave Elisha Cuthbert (Phaneuf’s fiance) was so dirty and awesome at the same time. I love how Dion Phaneuf, the captain of all people, is running around trying to hit people and letting the Bruins get chances. If Phaneuf was my teams captain, I would be embarrassed.

Tonight the Bruins can get out of the first round, get some rest and prepare for their next opponent who looks like will be the winner of the Rangers/Capitals series. It looks like Wade Redden is day to day and will not be in the lineup tonight. Regardless who takes his place, the Bruins have the momentum and should have a good chance to end the series tonight. With how the Bruins played last game, I am hoping that the crowd can get them to play more physical and not go down early like they have a couple times in this series. The Bruins did not play particularly well in game 4, but played good enough to come back and win the game. A lot of that had to do with Dion Phaneuf playing like fool. Since we are still playing the Maple Leafs, and with us being up 3 games to 1 plus at home for a chance to close the series out, I like the Bruins tonight.

I also just wanted to talk about the Montreal Canadiens for a second. I know they had a lot of injuries, but way for the 2 seed to not even show up in a series. Not only did they get crushed in most of the games, they got physically destroyed in that series. All they did was complain and call people names the whole series. I thought Michel Therrien was going to cry at one point his team was getting beat so bad. As a Bruins fan, that might have been the greatest thing that we have seen in this whole NHL Playoffs thus far.

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